About us

P & M Relationship Management

P&M was formed in year 2009 and since then we have been consistently managing profitable loyalty programmes for our partner hotels. We have also introduced customer relationship management (CRM) initiatives for hotels with android & IOS based mobile technology to enable our customer to interact with the hotel clients with ease. In a short span of time we have won the trust of leading hotel brands across the country.

Core Strengths-

  1. Quality Control -

    Our Team Respects the sanctity of your brand and identity. We have valid systems & processes with documented SOP’s, strong operational & financial control processes.

  2. Focus on the hotel Need -

    We have Extensive after sales services. Dedicated team to engage with members on the ongoing basis to drive revenue.

  3. CRM Systems -

    We work on a Management Information System & mobile technology to give desired report, feedback, trends to the hotel management as in when required

Core Value –

  1. Honesty -

    There is no more fundamental ethical value than honesty. We associate honesty with people of honour, and we admire and trust those who are honest.

  2. Excellence -

    We will persistently create better ways of doing the things we do. We will not rest on our accomplishments, but will rather build on them in our personal and professional journey to be the best we can be and set new standards in our industry. We will expect more of ourselves than our clients do. We will endeavor to exceed expectations in every project.

  3. Integrity –

    Being ethically unyielding, honest and inspiring trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviour to our words and taking responsibility for our actions.

Why P&M –

  1. Ease Of Development –

    With an extensive experience in the Hotel & Customer Loyalty industry you will get right customized loyalty programmes with flawless execution

  2. Magnify Customer Loyalty –

    P&M offers an impeccable inter phase technology to our customers, which help them to communicate freely thus encouraging them to spend more on your product

  3. Magnify Profitability -

    A well thought customized loyalty programme can boost your profitability to the next level. Let P&M demonstrate how to add 7-8 figure to your bottom line

Executive Bio Data –